150 days until Generation Handball 2018

With 150 days until Generation Handball, we are so excited to announce that 143 teams have already registered for the 2018 version. The 143 teams come from 14 different countries, and an international atmosphere is with 150 days left already guaranteed. We will be seeing teams from Brazil, Switzerland, China, Germany, Algeria, Estonia, Finland, France, the Faroe Islands, England, Hungary, Norway, Russia, and of course Denmark. Perhaps this number will get even bigger, which the next months will reveal.

In 2017, 152 youth teams from 15 different countries participated. It seems that even more teams have discovered the many possibilities and joys of Generation Handball.
Manager Jens Steffensen says: “We constantly work on improving and developing the event, and we take it as a great pat on the shoulder and recognition of the event that so many teams have already decided to come in 2018.”

We hope that the next months allow us to welcome even more teams to join Generation Handball 2018. See you in week 31!