A week in the spirit of Generation Handball

Photo: Tommy H. Hansen. Friends from the Icelandic U-19 girls team from Vikingur.

Tomorrow on Monday, the final closure to Generation Handball 2017 will be put when the large Icelandic delegation as the last teams say goodbye to Generation Handball 2017 and the city of Viborg.
Fortunately, we can all look back to an amazing week where all participants have made sure to live out the motto of Generation Handball: FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP.

Friendship first
We all know that it takes a friend to make a friend, and we are extremely delighted to have had so many wonderful kids, young people, coaches, managers, referees, family, etc. as part of the friendliest handball festival in the world.
The many participants have in all actions brought along their good mood and kindness towards other people, and the atmosphere at the festival site has been amazing. We thank everyone for their participation and contribution to the sense of community that we have experienced in our world of friendship and handball in the past week.

During the next couple of days, you have the chance of reading a series of stories about friendship as part of the final flashback to Generation Handball 2017 before we start looking ahead to Generation Handball 2018.

Close to all the idols
Week 31 offered many different events and activities in connection with a lot of great handball matches. More than 2,000 young handball players visited Viborg in the past week. However, also many great senior teams came to Viborg to play show matches. During the week, 18 show matches were played to the joy of the many young spectators.

The senior teams bring an extra angle to the handball festival as the young festival participants get a great chance of watching their handball role models. They can get inspired both handball technically and strategically and on a social level while watching how the senior teammates interact.

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Photo: Photocare Michael Hjorth. Jesper Nøddesbo signing autographs.

On Friday, Jesper Nøddesbo and his team Bjerringbro-Silkeborg played against the Norwegian ØIF Arendal. After ten years of playing in FC Barcelona, Nøddesbo has returned to Denmark, and he was a much courted player when all his young fans came to him and the rest of his team for autographs after the match.

Likewise was the excitement when young fans amongst many other things experienced eating side by side with idols such as Norwegian famous pivot Heidi Løke from Storhamar Håndball Elite in the food hall. Not something that happens every day, and these experiences indeed add to the great Generation Handball atmosphere!

Thank you for an amazing week – see you next year at Generation Handball 2018!