Aalestrup IF as trick shot champions

Photo: The EHF trick shot champions Karolis Jankauskas (left) and Ignas Grigas (right) along with German handball agent and Generation Handball ambassador Eva Wortmann (middle).

The EHF trick shot champions Ignas Grigas and Karolis Jankauskas visited this year’s Generation Handball. Ignas and Karolis are originally from Lithuania, and they travelled to Viborg in week 31 to be part of the friendliest handball festival in the world.
Every day, they made trick shot sessions at the beach courts, and at the end of the week, the two EHF trick shot champions elected the Generation Handball trick shot winners, and it was the U-19 boys from Aalestrup IF.

Together as a team
The U-19 boys from Aalestrup IF contributed a cool video of themselves doing trick shots as a team. They contemplated thoroughly on the content during the beginning of the week, and Aalestrup IF player-coach Morten Ingolf Olesen explains: “Our thoughts behind doing it this way was exactly to have everyone participate – like we’re united,” and he elaborates further about the social environment on the team: “None of us feel left out!”

The amazing prize of the competition is nothing less than a free stay at Generation Handball 2018. We are of course also happy that a team like Aalestrup IF won the competition as it is clear that the team lives up to the values of Generation Handball; prioritisation of friendship and team spirit. The U-19 boys could frequently be spotted during the Generation Handball week having fun and enjoying each other’s company.

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Photo: Some of the U-19 boys from Aalestrup IF.

Full support of Generation Handball
The U-19 boys from Aalestrup IF also call themselves Ingi’s Dream team. During the season, they play for different teams in Denmark, but every summer, they meet at Generation Handball to have fun and spend time together besides playing a lot of great handball.
“We have participated in Generation Handball all four years. You can talk with everyone, and everybody is happy. All teams are equally important. You can come to the reception, and you’ll never get a poor answer. It’s just an amazing week,” says player-coach Morten Ingolf Olesen.

Having won the prize of a free stay, we already know that we will be seeing the boys again next year, and player-coach Morten Ingolf Olesen says: “We are already looking forward to next year.”
This year, the boys actually won the B final, so let’s see what will happen in 2018.