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Festival site – everything in one place

Festival shops
On the site, you will find Meny, Sportigan, MH24, and Peter Larsen Kaffe where you can buy food, drinks, coffee, sports equipment, and much more. You can also enjoy the health tent’s physiotherapists, sports massage, and acupuncture.

Beach handball
Enjoy funny beach handball matches in McDonald’s beach handball tournament each evening during the festival.

Check out the programme to see when our many activities and events take place during the week. You can try beach handball, the game zone, team activities, musical team building, watch show matches, play street handball, play Five-a-side, play Max Total Handball, go to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, go to Djurs Sommerland, do some shopping both in downtown Viborg and at the festival site, go bowling, get sports massage, get acupuncture, try out bumper balls, enjoy the jumping pillow, try spinning at FitnessDK, join poker night, watch the Popchok concert, join the Friendship Parade, go to the disco, and of course: Watch a lot of exciting handball.

FitnessDK is located right at the festival site. Get your tickets with a special Generation Handball discount at 50 DKK/8 EUR per entrance at the information desk.
There’s an open (and free!) spinning session on Wednesday – see the programme.

Training camp
Is your team arriving early or leaving late? No problem – you have the chance of arranging your own training camp. We offer accommodation, food, and indoor court hours (extra charge) from Saturday in week 30 to Monday in week 32.

Information desk
There is an information desk on Tingvej 7, 8800 Viborg. We are here to answer your questions about Generation Handball and the tournament. Here, you can also get a map of the site, see the match schedule, and much more. Check-in and check-out also takes place through the information desk.

Viborg Police Department and Viborg Regional Hospital are both located close to the festival site. If an unfortunate incident occurs, you can report theft, vandalism, and other damage at the police station, and injured players have direct access to the emergency department at the hospital, when they have been referred through the Generation Handball physiotherapists.

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McDonald’s beach handball tournament

Everyone can participate in the McDonald’s beach handball tournament in the evening. The McDonald’s beach handball tournament is held at the beach handball courts on the festival site. Participation in this extra tournament is free of extra charge, and we will coordinate your beach handball matches with your indoor or outdoor handball matches.

Read more about the dates and matches in the beach match schedule.

The beach handball courts are for the general use during the rest of the handball festival, and there will be a host of opportunities to arrange and play friendly games.


Health tent

In the health tent, we have teamed up with some of the most skilled practitioners in order to ensure you the best possible help and treatment for both mind and body during the festival. Read more about each practitioner below. You will find the health tent at the festival site.

FysioDanmark with physiotherapy
The skilled physiotherapists from FysioDanmark ensure that injured players get a quick and effective treatment free of charge, and they are available all day when Generation Handball matches are played.
Please, consult with the physiotherapists before making contact with the emergency department at the hospital. As an extra service during Generation Handball, the physiotherapists have a “direct line” to the emergency department, and if needed, they can help you by referring you to the right department.

Physiatric sports massage by Claus Hovgaard
Sore muscles after a day with many handball matches? Check out physiatric sports massage by Claus Hovgaard. Claus is former professional handball player, and in his leisure time, he excels in tennis.

100 DKK/14 EUR for 20 minutes (choose duration yourself). Find Claus in the health tent at the festival site.

BMS acupuncture by Bjørk Bonnichsen
Practitioner Bjørk Bonnichsen offers BMS acupuncture as pain management every day. He has many years of experience with pain management, and about the treatment, he explains: “You can feel the difference right away as this treatment offers you an immediate pain reduction of 50 % as a minimum.”
Generation Handball clients are offered a special festival price of 125 DKK/17 € per treatment (normally 400 DKK/53 EUR). Use your app deals to get one treatment for free per team!

Find Bjørk in the health tent at the festival site or call him at +45 6133 1580.

Photo: Bjørk


Friendship Parade

On Thursday at 16:30, all festival participants get ready for the Friendship Parade, which in 2018 will both begin and finish at the festival site. Twisting and winding through the streets of the city of Viborg, the Friendship Parade guarantees an amazing party atmosphere, lots of flags from all participating nations, the Friendship Parade song, and a jolly mood! The parade ends with a big party and concert at the festival site, and you’re all invited!

Check out this video to experience the special parade atmosphere:

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Team activities with Niels Christian

Book your session directly with Niels Christian at Generation Handball: +45 21243353

Through team activities, teams participating in Generation Handball get an absolutely unique “first come, first served” opportunity to take a closer look at the mechanisms that are influencing the social interactions between the teammates.
Besides being involved in handball as coach, Niels Christian Pedersen has over time obtained an exceedingly exhaustive knowledge about team management at all levels in the world of handball. He has previously been team instructor of both Danish A and youth national teams as well as many youth and senior teams at a wide range of levels right from the U-14 class to the best national league.

During Generation Handball, Niels Christian Pedersen offers team activities for teams at all levels, and it is guaranteed to be entertaining. The team activities can contribute amazing knowledge about the team and its strengths and weaknesses, and coaches can benefit from this knowledge in their future work with player development.

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Musical team building with Nicolaj

Check out the programme to see when you and your team get the chance of experiencing musical team building Nicolaj Holmboe. Write your own song about your team’s values and become closer doing a funny activity, which you most likely have never tried before. It’s going to be funny and educational, and you must think “out of the box” and definitely “out of the handball court” during this exercise that really strengthens team spirit.


Swimming pools

All Generation Handball participants get free admission to the indoor swimming pool in Viborg Svømmehal and the outdoor swimming pool at Vestbadet.

Check out this video from the indoor swimming pool:

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Regular swimwear is of course allowed


Game zone

Game zone is open 2 x 4 hours during the festival. Check this new activity out and enjoy amazing time with your friends playing funny games e.g. Fifa and Mario. You’ll find the openings hours in the programme.



DGI Handball

If you just can’t get enough of handball, here’s something for you and your teammates: Try out Five-a-side, Max Total Handball, and Street Handball with DGI Handball. DGI Handball is a Danish sports organisation.

DGI Street handball (no registration – just show up!)
Street handball is funny to watch but even more funny to play. It’s played on the asphalt street where the “sky is limit”, but in fact, it could be played anywhere, and that’s exactly the spirit of it: Handball can be played anywhere, and it’s a matter of having fun. Challenge your own and your teammates creativity when you show off your coolest tricks. There are no specific rules.
The green street handball ball is soft and is easily catched and controlled, which is why street handball is a game that everyone can participate in regardless of previous handball experience.

Five-a-side (with or without registration)
Five-a-side is a new concept and game where you play 5 against 5 in high speed. We’ve developed an entirely new type of ball that fits the style of the game. In Five-a-side, there’s no actual goal keeper, and the first player to be on his or hers own court to defend the goal acts as goal keeper. Each match has a duration of 8 minutes, which makes the matches short and intense.
Try out the game at Generation Handball on Tuesday and Wesnesday between 14 and 18 (check out the programme). There’ll be open court, fun, and simple introduction from 14 to 16 and a small tournament from 16 to 18. You just show up at the Five-a-side court at the parade courts. Each tournament can include four (4) teams, so hurry up! The winner of the tournament wins Five-a-side handballs.

Max Total Handball
More info coming soon


Bumper balls

TH Sport presents bumper balls at Generation Handball. Find them at the parade courts!



Djurs Sommerland

Visit Scandinavia’s biggest summerland with Generation Handball
This is a chance for you and your team to spice up your week at Generation Handball with yet another great experience. Djurs Sommerland offers many exciting rides and is always a provider of fun and thrill! Look forward to eight great themed areas, Danmark’s biggest roller coasters, the huge Aqua Park, and more than 60 rides. Generation Handball is happy to have entered a partnership with Djurs Sommerland that was elected Scandinavia’s best summerland in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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Photo: Dragekongen, Safaribussen, and Jungle rally

Generation Handball prices
Admission ticket: 230 DKK/31 EUR per person (normal price 285/38 EUR DKK)
Bus ticket: 75 DKK/10 EUR per person (Generation Handball bus shared with other teams on 28 July, 29 July, 30 July, 5 August, or 6 August). It is also possible to book your own bus for your team – read more on the extra services page HERE.
These are the updated 2018 prices, and they are valid from 28 July to 8 August 2018. Participants and their family members can make use of the special Generation Handball price

Video: Roller coasters from Djurs Sommerland

Photo: Rides at Djurs Sommerland