Antibulli is a hot topic at Generation Handball

How do you create an atmosphere where everyone feels included, welcome and able to be themselves?
Mikkel Hansen’s organization, MH24, believes that it has found a way to ensure this, and it is present at Generation Handball to share its experiences with their Antibulli concept. By being present at Generation Handball, MH24 seeks to influence the young participants and get them to include anti-bully initiatives in their everyday life.

“We are working towards strengthening the team spirit on and off the court. In order to do so, we have developed an app with exercises targeting players and coaches alike. When a team is socially strong, it can perform better on court,” says Louise Lyk from MH24 when asked what the mission of MH24 is.

MH24 is situated at the festival site of Generation Handball, where all interested parties can stop by and hear more about MH24, buy merchandise, and enter to win a trip to Paris to meet Mikkel Hansen.

Vejen HK and MH24
In cooperation with the Mary Foundation, MH24 is seeking to create safe and comforting environments for all kids and young adults in the Danish sports clubs. A mission, which is clearly succeeding when talking to Vejen HK’s U12 girls coaching staff.

On Tuesday, the young girls from Vejen HK were playing beach handball when we spoke to their coaches about why they are participating in Generation Handball and what they seek to gain from their stay here. Looking at the beach courts with the MH24 stand behind her, Vejen HK’s coach, Betina, explains:
“It is actually amazing how we got here. One of the girls on the team entered a contest on MH24’s Instagram and won. The prize was a stay and full board at Generation Handball. When she won, we had to figure out if we could gather a team to compete. It is amazing, and luckily, we were able to gather a team of first year U-12 players and second year U-12 players.”
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Photo: Vejen HK U-12 girls spending time together at the beach handball courts.

Antibulli as part of everyday life
Betina further explains, that the team from Vejen HK has very different levels of handball. However, this is not holding them back as they, prior to coming to Generation Handball, have discussed how they should treat each other and other people.
“Inclusion and anti-bully is something we think about a lot in Vejen HK, and we spend a lot of time focusing on how we treat other people. Everyone must speak nicely to each other. Before coming to Generation Handball, we also talked to the girls about the importance of everyone being a part of the team and having equal influence and speaking time. They must give each other room to grow and develop.”

Vejen HK’s road to Generation Handball is in a way coincidental, but the fact that the contest for participation was on social media is not. MH24 has successfully managed to navigate social media and make their presence known on their chosen platforms. Being present at Generation Handball opens new marketing opportunities.
“Generation Handball opens new marketing opportunities besides social media. We hope to see a lot of the kids participating in Generation Handball at our events. Luckily, we already feel the handball clubs’ interest in our mission, as they are seeking knowledge and inspiration through MH24,” says Lyk and finishes off by explaining:

“Generation Handball is also a great platform for us to reach national as well as international teams. It can never hurt to spread the message across borders. All we want is for as many people as possible to know about our mission and goals”.