DGI Handball

If you just can’t get enough of handball, here’s something different for you and your teammates: Try out Five-a-side, Max Total Handball, and Street Handball with DGI Handball. DGI Handball is a Danish sports organisation.

DGI Street handball (no registration – just show up!)
Street handball is funny to watch but even more funny to play. It’s played on the asphalt street where the “sky is limit”, but in fact, it could be played anywhere, and that’s exactly the spirit of it: Handball can be played anywhere, and it’s a matter of having fun. Challenge your own and your teammates’ creativity when you show off your coolest tricks. There are no specific rules, and the DGI staff will guide you.

The green street handball ball is soft and is easily catched and controlled, which is why street handball is a game that everyone can participate in regardless of previous handball experience.

Five-a-side (with or without registration)
Five-a-side is a new concept and handball game where you play 5 against 5 in high speed. DGI has developed an entirely new type of ball that fits the style of the game. In Five-a-side, there’s no actual goal keeper, and the first player to be on his or hers own part of the court to defend the goal acts as goal keeper. Each match has a duration of 8 minutes, which makes the matches short and intense.

If you would like to join, you just show up at the Five-a-side court at the parade courts (check out the programme for schedule). Teams can play either if they show up or if the match is planned in advance – we’re open to both. We’ll make small tournaments, and each tournament can include four (4) teams, so hurry up! The winner of the tournament wins Five-a-side handballs.

Max Total Handball
More info coming soon