Djurs Sommerland

Visit Scandinavia’s biggest summerland with Generation Handball! Here’s a chance for you and your team of spicing up your week at Generation Handball with yet another great experience. Djurs Sommerland offers many exciting rides and is always a provider of fun and thrill! Look forward to nine great themed areas, Danmark’s biggest roller coasters, the huge Aqua Park, and more than 60 rides for all ages. Generation Handball is happy to work with Djurs Sommerland. Make sure to experiences for yourselves why Djurs Sommerland was nominated “Europe’s best family park” in 2019 and “Theme park of the year” in 2020 in Denmark.

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Photo: Dragekongen, Safaribussen, and Jungle rally

Tigeren – ”Thrill Ride of the Year” 2019 in Europe: Are you ready for a gripping experience? Tigeren (“the Tiger”) in Wild Asia is Denmark’s biggest gyro swing. It has a maximum speed of 100 km/h and a height of 45 metres. Tigeren takes you on an amazing flight, which you’ll never forget. In Wild Asia, you’re also guaranteed lots of funny experiences for speed loving kids if you visit Jungle Rally and Safaribussen (“the Safari bus”).

Enjoy the rush on Denmark’s biggest roller coasters: Dragekongen (means “King of dragons”) is guaranteed to take your breath away as you dive down at 85 km/h from 30 metres up. There are more world-class adrenaline rushes that await, as you experience being launched at up to 85 km/h through Denmark’s longest roller coaster, Juvelen (means “the Jewel”), and hurtle down from a height of 32 metres at 90 km/h in Piraten (means “the Pirate”).

Bondegårdsland: Bondegårdsland (means “Farmer country”) has 11 exciting rides for everyone. Try out a free-fall from the water towers or chase chickens in the roller coaster.

Huge Aqua Park and more than 60 rides and attractions: With more than 60 rides and attractions, time just flies by. But don’t forget to visit the huge Aqua Park, where sunshine can be enjoyed by the waterline or at full speed in one of the many water slides.

Generation Handball prices
Admission ticket: 255 DKK/34 EUR per person (normal price 315/42 EUR DKK – NB 2022 prices)
Bus ticket: FREE/0 DKK per person in Generation Handball bus shared with other teams on 31 July 2022, 1 Aug, 2 Aug, 3 Aug, 4 Aug, 5 Aug, and 6 Aug 2022: Departure from Viborg at 08:30 or 12:00. Departure from Djurs Sommerland at 15:00 or 18:00. Book a seat at the info desk to guarantee yourself an available seat. It is also possible to book your own bus for your team (check out price on the registration page).
These are 2022 prices. The offer applies to all Generation Handball participants and family members.

Facts about Djurs Sommerland
– It is Scandinavia’s biggest summerland
– The park has themed areas: Vikingeland (means “Viking country”), Mexicoland (means “Mexico country”), Westernland (means “Western country”), Vandland (means “Aqua/water country”), Afrikaland (means “Africa country”), Bondegårdsland (means “Farmer country”), and Sommerland (means “Summer country”).
– It has Denmark’s biggest roller coasters: Piraten, Juvelen, and Dragekongen.
– It has a huge Aqua Park
– It has more than 60 rides
– The park constitutes an area as large as 70 soccer fields

Video: Roller coasters from Djurs Sommerland

Photo: Rides at Djurs Sommerland