McDonald’s beach handball tournament

All teams may join McDonald’s beach handball tournament in the evening (FREE). The McDonald’s beach handball tournament is held at the beach handball courts on the festival site. Participation in this extra tournament is free of extra charge, and we will coordinate your beach handball matches with your indoor or outdoor handball matches.
Read more about the dates in the programme.

The beach handball courts are for the general use during the rest of the handball festival, and there will be a host of opportunities to arrange and play friendly games.

In 2019, we’re upgrading the beach handball setup with a beach handball office located right at the festival site. We’ll have more officials, and we put a big focus on aligning all referees to referee by the same beach handball rules.
Furthermore, please, be aware that 2019 will be played by international elite beach handball rules. Click HERE to read the tournament rules (including more info about beach handball).

U-17 and U-20 play Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
U-15, U-13, and U-11 play Thursday and Friday.

Photo: Handball players playing beach handball at Generation Handball.