Newton Fitness

Try out Newton Fitness training at Generation Handball. Find the scheduled times in the programme and simply show up. Newton Fitness is funny to look at but even funnier to be part of – and it’s in fact also a very effective type of training. Newton Fitness takes place at the McDonald’s beach courts every day during the festival (or in the VIP tent in case of poor weather).

The entire point of Newton Fitness is that it can be done anywhere. It’s a quite new weight training concept that uses Indian clubs (wooden exercise clubs). This training philosophy has been used for more than 200 years especially in military settings and sports. Newton Fitness has developed a subgroup of the training concept, which is ideal for handball players.

Newton Fitness with Indian clubs mainly focuses on the shoulder joint. When you learn to train with Indian clubs, you’ll be able to effectively prevent injuries, improve your level of performance, and of course also increase your shoulder’s stability. Training with Indian clubs could be described as both complex and simple. Indian clubs provide both mobility, stability, and strength especially when in motion.

A warm and strong joint daily performing in extreme positions is very difficult to injure when its movements takes place in orderly conditions. By pushing the shoulder joint to extreme positions numerous of times during work out, the movements will be like a massage for muscles of the shoulder joint and the neck. Increasing your shoulder’s strength and stability carries a reduced work load to the joint e.g. when throwing a ball.

Newton Fitness ApS is a Danish sports company, and they have developed a training concept that supports the game of handball.