Team activities with Niels Christian

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Photo: Team activity “the Slingshot”.

With team activities, teams participating in Generation Handball get an absolutely unique “first come, first served” opportunity to take a closer look at the mechanisms that are influencing the social interactions between the teammates.

Besides being involved in handball as coach, Niels Christian Pedersen has over time obtained an exceedingly exhaustive knowledge about team management at all levels in the world of handball – both the individual and the team based kind. Presently, he works as a consulting team instructor with his own company Sequi as starting point. He has previously been team instructor of both Danish A and youth national teams as well as many youth and senior teams at a wide range of levels right from the U-14 class to the best national league. For the last 15 years, he has instructed on the Danish Handball Association’s course for coaches “Team Management and Psychology”, just as a number of public state institutions like the Danish Ministry of Taxation, Banedanmark (administration of Danish railway and infrastructure), and several municipalities and also private companies such as Lego, Siemens, Dansk Supermarked, and many more have benefitted a lot from Niels Christian Pedersen’s qualifications.

During Generation Handball, Niels Christian Pedersen offers team activities for teams at all levels, and it is guaranteed to be entertaining. The team activities can contribute amazing knowledge about the team and its strengths and weaknesses, and coaches can benefit from this knowledge in their future work with player development. Possible focuses could be clarifying hierarchies or visualising the processes that form the basis of a team’s behaviour. Activities such as the catapult, the traffic jam, and the pipeline will definitely ensure lots of fun. Other interesting and even more in-depth activities could be analyses of goals and aims and clarification of values just as it also will be possible to have the team’s personal profiles analyses.

Enjoy this small inspirational video about team activities: