Brazilian wildness back in the Generation Handball game

Photo: Colégio Salgueiro U-14 boys won the McDonald’s beach tournament. Here, they are in the blue Norway shirts after they switched shirts with the Norwegian boys from Sotra SK – what a spirit and way of promoting cultural exchange!

Brazilian Metodista School participated in Generation Handball back in 2014, but after that it’s been quiet from the Southern American continent. At least until 2018: This summer, no less than two teams represented Brazil when the U-19 girls from ADIEE/FME Florianópolis and the U-14 boys from Colégio Salgueiro joined the friendliest handball festival in the world.

Brazilian wildness back in the Generation Handball game
In 2013, the women’s national team from Brazil beat Serbia in the final of the world championship with the score 22-20. On home ground, the team won their group at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and they ended as 5th best of the tournament.
Even though basketball and football are still the main sports in Brazil, there’s no doubt that Brazilian handball is moving forward, and the participation of Colégio Salgueiro’s and ADIEE/FME Florianópolis underlines this bringing back Brazilian wildness to Generation Handball.

“It’s important to maintain a flow in Brazilian handball. We moved a great step forward after the world championship. Brazilian handball today relies very much on specific persons that develop handball locally. If that person leaves, the club or school starts from scratch again. We need to do more like Denmark does. Our girls have played since they were five years old. Before that we had a gap of almost 10 years, and then we had to start over again,” says ADIEE/FME Florianópolis coach Daniel Gomes da Silva. Like the other coaches, he’s physical education teacher on the ADIEE/FME Florianópolis school that has 9,000 students.

ADIEE/FME Florianópolis U-19 girls managed to get a 3rd place in their group in the B playoff. They met strong opponents, and we tip our hat to their continued effort in all games in spite of difficult matches. Colégio Salgueiro U-14 boys won their group and advanced all the way to the A playoff’s semifinal that ended 9-18 resulting in an overall great 3rd place for the boys.

Both teams participated in the McDonald’s beach handball tournament, and the Colégio Salgueiro U-14 boys were completely in control of the sandy foundation: They won all their games and were able to celebrate their status as Generation Handball McDonald’s beach winners on Friday evening. Congratulations!

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Photo: Colégio Salgueiro and ADIEE/FME Florianópolis representing Brazil in the Friendship Parade.

Beating tough odds through great local support
“We did fundraisers both with selling things locally and online for four years. It took one year to plan this trip on a more detailed level. Parents also supported our trip, and the local community helped us get going,” says ADIEE/FME Florianópolis coach Daniel da Silva Gomes.

The commitment from both schools is impressive, and obviously, it takes many conversations back and forth between the schools and Generation Handball to plan a trip to the other end of the world.
“Half the questions were ours, and half the questions were from parents. We are already looking forward to next year. Our goal is to come back next year. Our trip here aroused the interest of many persons in our network: Other schools, other clubs,” explains João Paulo Salgueiro Santos.
ADIEE/FME Florianópolis coach Daniel da Silva Gomes agrees: “So many people from home responded to our posts on social media.”

“The families back in Brazil are very involved and support us a lot. Our final results were amazing to everyone – or as the families say: «Awesome or even unbelievable». According to them, we went to the best handball place in the world, and the achievements and experiences will be forever unforgettable,” expresses Regis Silva from Colégio Salgueiro about the experiences at Generation Handball.

Coaches of both schools believe that sport is a great way of teaching the students important lessons about life and behaviour in general:
“We see sports as an educational way with focus on partnership, leadership, and teamwork. This is the main goal. Some students of course reach a very high level with their sports. We use sports to show the students a healthy way of life,” explains João Paulo Salgueiro Santos from Colégio Salgueiro and continues:
“We share the Generation Handball values; that not only the competition is important. We support the whole friendship idea. This is what we do every day at our school. This is what we try to take into the training sessions.”

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Photo: Colégio Salgueiro and ADIEE/FME Florianópolis hanging out in the arena.

Generation Handball ambassadors in Brazil
Meeting the teams from ADIEE/FME Florianópolis and Colégio Salgueiro was a great pleasure, and the meeting formed the basis of much future cooperation. Lastly, we would like to introduce these great Brazilian handball coaches as new Generation Handball ambassadors.

João Paulo Salgueiro Santos (most left), Sidney Santos Silva, and Regis Silva from Colégio Salgueiro and Daniel da Silva Gomes (most right) from ADIEE/FME Florianópolis. We look forward to future cooperation and Brazilian participation in Generation Handball.