Casper and his best friend go to Paris

Photo: Best friends Casper Maj (right) and Lasse Cieslak (left) won the MH24 experience.

Once again, MH24 and Generation Handball invited all participants to take part in the amazing MH24 competition for a “best friends” experience in Paris. As always, the competition originates from a good cause.

MH24 is an active player in the fight against bullying, and it was also clear that the many Generation Handball participants were supportive of this matter. An approach that Generation Handball highly appreciates.
The competition bucket was full of tickets as so many kids and young people wanted to support a good cause by inviting their best friend to Paris. The MH24 experience with a trip to Paris is most importantly a way of bringing friendship and anti-bullying into focus.

Casper and his best friend Lasse
The winner of this year’s MH24 experience is 15 year old Casper Maj from the Danish club Team Sydhavsøerne, and he was quick to invite his best friend Lasse Cieslak to join him for the trip to Paris.
Both of the boys play for Team Sydhavsøerne’s U-16 boys team, and their friendship has up to now lasted for many years.
“We are in the same grade, and we have known each other our entire lives,” says winner of the MH24 experience Casper Maj.

Casper Maj had the chance of watching Mikkel Hansen play when he played for AG København. However, neither of the boys have previously had the chance of meeting Mikkel Hansen the way that they will on this MH24 trip to Paris.
In their winner video, Lasse Cieslak said: “It is awesome that one get this opportunity to go to Paris with Mikkel Hansen.”

Watch the video here!

An awesome week
The boys also enjoyed their stay at Generation Handball 2017. When asked of his opinion about Generation Handball, Casper Maj’s answer is clear: “It’s been awesome! There were many great activities, and many good teams participated. Our matches were exciting.”

Team Sydhavsøerne actually won their stay at Generation Handball 2017 at Bjerringbro FH’s Christmas tournament “Julecup”, which is a handball tournament that Generation Handball cooperates with. Team Sydhavsøerne is thus a perfect example of a team that prioritises social activities such as participating in handball tournaments. Also, it seems that Casper Maj is part of a lucky team.
He is positive when it comes to talk of Generation Handball 2018:
“We’ve talked about that we would like to go, but we are not sure what will happen yet,” he says.

Generation Handball is of course very happy to give a set of best friends this opportunity to go to Paris and to meet Mikkel Hansen in person. We hope to see Casper Maj, Lasse Cieslak, and the rest of their team at Generation Handball 2018.