Event registration for your team

Deadline for registration is 15 July 2018.

Fill out this form to register your team or persons from your team for BEACH HANDBALL, POKER NIGHT, AND COACHES’ FRIENDSHIP NIGHT.
This registration can only be made for one team at a time. If you wish to register for more teams, please, fill out the form once per team by refreshing this site after each registration.
All events are free of charge. All registrations are binding.

Beach tournament
It is possible to register more than one beach handball team per team as you need only a minimum of 5 players for a beach handball team.
For example: If you are 14 players on your team, you can choose to register either 1 or 2 teams for the beach handball tournament.
U-16 and U-19 play on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. U-10, U-12, and U-14 play on Thursday and Friday.