Have you ever dreamt of meeting Mikkel Hansen?

Photo: Casper Maj Nielsen (left), Mikkel Hansen (middle), and Lasse Cieslak (right).

A dream came true in the past weekend when the two best friends Casper Maj Nielsen and Lasse Cieslak met their idol Mikkel Hansen, and it all took place in the magical city of Paris, France. Casper Maj Nielsen won the trip in the competition “Best friends go to Paris” at Generation Handball 2017, and the competition was held in cooperation between Generation Handball and Mikkel Hansen’s association against bullying MH24.

Meeting an idol
On Friday, Casper Maj Nielsen and Lasse Cieslak flew from Denmark to Paris accompanied by Lasse’s father Henrik Cieslak.
The schedule of Friday and Saturday involved visits at tourist attractions like the Eiffel tower. The boys also watched Mikkel Hansen’s team Paris SG play against the Danish team Aalborg Håndbold. Paris SG won the CL match 31-28 after an exciting hour, and it was amazing to experience the intense atmosphere of a live match.

However, the true highlight of the trip was of course dinner with Mikkel Hansen, and on Saturday evening, Casper Maj Nielsen and Lasse Cieslak finally got to meet their idol. The boys even sat right across from him during the dinner, and Mikkel Hansen gave them a wonderful evening:
“Mikkel is such a great and cool person, and it was amazing to talk with him all evening, and we could ask all the questions that we wanted,” said Casper Maj Nielsen. “This trip has been awesome, and we have had so many cool experiences,” added Lasse Cieslak. On Sunday, they all returned to Denmark.

Hopefully ready for Generation Handball 2018
Casper Maj Nielsen and Lasse Cieslak play on the same team in the club Team Sydhavsøerne, and Henrik Cieslak is coach of the team. They were all a part of Generation Handball 2017, and they expressed many flattering remarks about their experiences at the festival.
The boys’ opinion was clear: “It is definitely the best handball tournament that we have ever participated in,” they said.
Henrik Cieslak, who in fact has previously played for Team Sydhavsøerne’s best senior team for many years, agreed and added: “Team spirit is a very important part of the boys’ team. Generation Handball was a great experience for us because it is an extraordinary festival, and it focuses on creating a good social environment in the same way as we do in Team Sydhavsøerne.”

We hope to see the boys and the rest of Team Sydhavsøerne back at Generation Handball in 2018.