FAQ: What is Generation Handball?

So what is Generation Handball..? Find answers to frequently asked questions here. Please e-mail us at info@generation-handball.com, if you do not find your answer here.

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What is Generation Handball?
Generation Handball has a strong, international handball tournament as its foundation, but with numerous of other activities and events, Generation Handball is much more than an handball tournament: It’s a handball festival. Generation Handball has three main pillars: FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP, and we aim to be The friendliest handball festival in the world. Youth teams in the age of 10-20 years can participate, and there are no specific level requirements. We also have a senior tournament for professional senior teams and a beach handball tournament for the youth teams.
In 2019, 202 youth teams, 28 senior teams, and 64 referees from 19 different countries participated. The 2020 and 2021 festivals were unfortunately cancelled due to Corona virus.

When is Generation Handball?
The festival is always held in week 31. In 2022, the festival takes place from 1 August to 6 August: The festival begins on Monday 2 August, and the Generation Handball tournament matches begin on Tuesday 2 August at 8 AM. The finals are played on Saturday 6 August, and the last matches will be finished around 4-5 PM. Beach handball begins on Monday 1 August around 1-3 PM.

Where is Generation Handball?
Generation Handball takes place in Viborg, Denmark. The city is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. Sports and especially handball is a huge draw, and there are both many big youth handball clubs and a strong professional senior team. The current mayor of Viborg is Ulrik Wilbek who is former coach of the Danish national handball team. Viborg was also recently nominated a UNESCO Creative City in 2019 due to its big role in creating an educational and inspiring environment with regard to animation and visual creativity.

How and when do we register?
You register on the registration page. The deadline for both registration and the last payment for all players’ accommodation and team fee is 15 May. It’s possible to add more players later.

Visa application for Denmark
Generation Handball is pre-approved for digital invitation to foreign teams, which makes the visa process easier. We need the following information about the players of your foreign team that needs a Danish visa in order to make an invitation letter: Full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport issue date, passport expiration date, and e-mail address.
Most countries can start the process of visa application three months prior to the festival, i.e. 1 May 2022. Please, apply for your visa as soon as possible as we need final confirmation of your participation by 15 May. If your passport will expire within six months after Generation Handball, we encourage you to renew your passport before the visa application in order to speed up the application process.


How do we get to Generation Handball in Viborg, Denmark?
Generation Handball takes place in Viborg, Denmark. The closest airports are Billund (90 km.), Aalborg (90 km.), and Karup (28 km.). We can help you arrange a bus from either ferries (Hirtshals (147 km.) and Frederikshavn (143 km.)) or from any airport in the country including Copenhagen (330 km.) or Hamburg in Germany (360 km.).
Please, check out extra services on the registration page for more information about prices. The prices include a return trip, and you decide the time of pick-up yourselves.

Transportation during the festival
Everything is within walking distance. Two accommodation sites are 2 km.s away from the festival site, and they have free shuttle buses running from early morning to midnight every 30 minutes. Two arenas are 8 km.s away also with a free shuttle bus. There is no need to arrange your own transportation during the festival, and family/spectators may also use the free shuttle buses.


What kind of accommodation can we choose?
We have different accommodation packages, and it’s possible to book linen, pillow, duvet etc. You may find the prices on the registration page.

Early arrival or later departure
You can arrive either on 30 July, 31 July, or 1 August 2022 and leave on either 6 or 7 August 2022. This allows for especially foreign handball clubs to get better airplane tickets. Prices of extra nights can be found on the registration page.

When will we know where we are going to be accommodated?
When you check in at the information desk upon arrival, you will receive information about your accommodation. Our staff will take you to your accommodation site to ensure that everything is as you wished for.

Generation Handball has its own camping site right at the festival site with toilet and bathing facilities in the arena right next to the camping area (check out the registration page). Alternatively, we recommend family members to find accommodation either at hotels (check out special GH hotel prices on the registration page), bed & breakfasts, hostels, or camping sites in or near the city of Viborg.

There are washing machines at the festival site. Check out washing card prices on the registration page.


What meals do we get?
Teams that choose accommodation through Generation Handball get three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The menu will be available on the meals’ page in July. We are happy to accommodate dietary considerations if you inform us prior to the festival. There will be an extra charge. Let us know at info@generation-handball.com in advance.

Where are the meals served?
All meals are served in the food hall at the festival site with a few exceptions as a couple of accommodation sites also offer breakfast.

Can we buy extra meals?
Extra meal tickets e.g. for parents or siblings can be purchased at the information desk at least one day in advance. Teams that have not booked accommodation may also buy tickets for meals in advance. Find prices on the registration page.
If your team buys extra nights, you’ll get three extra meals; the following dinner, breakfast, and lunch.


Rules of the tournament
Please, read the rules of the tournament for information about the rules for both the general tournament and the beach tournament. This page also contains information about ball sizes, classes etc.

Match schedule
The match schedule will be available online in early July and can be found on our website and through the app. The matches begin on Tuesday at 8 AM. The teams are guaranteed a minimum of six matches during the week, and there’ll be at least one match per team per day.

Beach handball
All teams can register for the beach handball tournament for free. The match schedule for the beach handball tournament will be ready at least one day in advance. The matches begin on Monday, and it’s a win/lose tournament. The winner advances to the next game. The matches are played during the evenings on the festival site, and they will not interfere with the match schedule of the general tournament.

Outdoor shoes
U-11, U-13, and U-15 play outdoor matches and are allowed to use football boots on the Ringkjøbing Landbobanken and Svane Rent Outdoor arenas. Football boots are not allowed on the Stadium courts.

Indoor training
Your team can book indoor court time in an arena at the festival site, if you arrive earlier (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before the festival) or leave later (Saturday or Sunday at the end of the festival). Booking is done through ProCup and will be confirmed by e-mail.

Festival T-shirts
Buy special Generation Handball festival T-shirts for your team. You can get your name and player number printed on your shirt. Read more on the registration page.