Photo: U-19 girls winners from Kézilabda Akadémia Dunaújvárosi (HUN)

After an amazing festival week with lots of handball and FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP, the last Generation Handball 2017 matches have been played, and the winners of this year’s festival have been found.

We’ve had the chance of witnessing many great matches throughout the week. U-16 and U-19 played indoor in the halls, while U-10, U-12, and U-14 played outdoor matches on the football and parade courts. Especially the younger classes experienced the Danish weather at both its best and worst. Some days were sunny as ever before, and other days offered mostly rainy and wet matches. Regardless, all participants always kept to the slogan of the friendliest handball festival in the world: It’s FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP.

Trick shots were performed every night on the illuminated beach courts while the sound of disco music played in the background. In total, 110 teams out of 153 teams participated in the beach tournament, so – needless to say – that was surely a hit.

U-19 boys and girls played finals on Friday night in a Vibocold Arena full of excited spectators. On Saturday, the rest of the classes played finals, and all finals were live streamed on Facebook to the delight of the many friends and family at home.

We congratulate all of the Generation Handball 2017, and we thank all teams for participating in the festival.

Link to all results

Here’s the results of the finals of the A and B play off:

U-10 girls A: Bjerringbro FH (DEN) 12 – 5 Søndermarkens IK (DEN)
U-10 boys A: HEI (DEN) 9 – 6 Tvis Håndbold (DEN)
U-12 girls A: Bjerringbro FH (DEN) 13 – 9 SV Union Halle-Neustadt (GER)
U-12 boys A: Søndermarkens IK (DEN) 10 – 9 Slagelse Håndboldklub (DEN)
U-14 girls A: Bording KFUM (DEN) 22 – 12 Son HK (NOR)
U-14 boys A: HF Mors (DEN) 18 – 13 Ajax København (DEN)
U-16 girls A: Viborg HK (DEN) 12 – 11 FIF Håndbold (DEN)
U-16 boys A: Gudme (DEN) 31 – 21 Nærbø IL (NOR)
U-19 girls A: Kézilabda Akadémia Dunaújvárosi (HUN) 17 – 9 Kaohsiung Commercial High School (TAI)
U-19 boys A: Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (DEN) 16 – 12 Føroyar U19 menn (FAE)

U-12 girls B: Viborg HK 2 (DEN) 13 – 11 Vestmanna Itrottarfelag 1 (FAE)
U-12 boys B: Mejdal Halgaard 1 (DEN) 15 – 12 Tvis Håndbold (DEN)
U-14 girls B: Valur (IS) 12 – 7 Vestmanna Itrottarfelag (FAE)
U-14 boys B: Søndermarkens IK (DEN) 14 – 12 Vikingur 1 (IS)
U-16 girls B: Køge Håndbold (DEN) 15 – 8 Viborg HK 3 (DEN)
U-16 boys B: Viborg HK 2 (DEN) 25 – 15 Køge Håndbold (DEN)
U-19 boys B: Aalestrup IF (DEN) 22 – 15 Viborg HK (DEN)

Photo: U-10 girls winners

Photo: U-10 boys winners

Photo: U-12 girls winners

Photo: U-12 boys winners

Photo: U-14 girls winners

Photo: U-14 boys winners

Photo: U-16 girls winners

Photo: U-16 boys winners

Photo: U-19 boys winners