Flashback: High praise from the sideline

Photo: Handball mother Annette Stripp participated in the many activities at Generation Handball. In this photo, she is seen with her daughters Emilie and Lærke at Wednesday’s casino and poker night. Next to them is Hans Jørgen Riismøller who is also from Slagelse Håndbold.

Generation Handball is an amazing handball tournament. Just like that were handball mother Annette Stripp’s words about Generation Handball when we had a talk with her about the festival as seen from the sideline. She had traveled from Slagelse to Viborg with her husband and the daughters Emilie and Lærke who played on Slagelse Håndbold’s U-19 girls team.

Generation Handball in the city of handball
“Generation Handball is an amazing handball tournament, and Viborg is a nice city. We have participated in many tournaments both in Denmark and abroad, and simply everything is good here. At the same time, it is clear that the people of Viborg are used to handball and handball players, and they are always very welcoming towards us,” said Annette Stripp.

She has watched all of the girls’ matches throughout the past nine years – except for only three matches when work had to come first.
“Regardless if they play well or bad – we are there. We enjoy the social aspect of handball and of course the game in which everything can happen. As long as Emilie and Lærke wants us here, we’re here,” said Annette Stripp.

Exciting to meet people from different countries
“The good thing about Generation Handball is that we meet so many different nationalities in a quite small area,” said Annette Stripp.
The prioritisation of the social aspect is something that Generation Handball and the handball club Slagelse Håndbold have in common. In Slagelse Håndbold, it has for many years been a tradition that the club travels around participating in many different handball tournaments.

At this year’s Generation Handball, more than 40 parents joined the nine Slagelse Håndbold youth teams. Every night during the festival, they all had dinner together at the festival site or at Bowl’n’Fun where the Slagelse Håndbold parents ended up having their own regulars’ table. Sure to say that Generation Handball is for everyone!