Flashback: The best thing about Generation Handball

Photo: Lars Christiansen. Kaja, Signe, Olivia, and Emma from the handball club Ajax København. They are good friends and had a very good time together at Generation Handball 2017.

Kids and young people from all over Denmark and the rest of the world met at Generation Handball. Four girls from Copenhagen underlined the sense of community as the best thing about Generation Handball when we talked to them during the week of Generation Handball.

Focusing on the social aspects
Handball, fun, and sense of community were central parts of the Ajax København girls’ participation in Generation Handball 2017. It was their first time as participants at the festival.
Their talk was jolly when we met them at the festival site. The Volbeat music blasted from their speakers as they crossed the parade courts on their way to their accommodation.
“We are having so much fun, and we talk a lot. We are not allowed to bring our mobile phones, and that adds a lot to the atmosphere,” 11 year old Signe Munk said. She was one the Ajax København girls whom we talked to on Tuesday evening.
“Instead, we just walk around and watch everything and take part in all the activities. Jumping on the jumping pillow and all sorts of things,” 10 year old Emma Wiuff Pedersen added.
The girls chatted eagerly about sense of community and team spirit.

Sense of community is the best thing
The sense of community is the best thing about Generation Handball, they said.
“I am completely new on the team, and this trip gave me so many new good friends,” 10 year old Olivia Ingemarie said while hugs were shared amongst the girls.

Even though they at the time of our talk had lost the festival’s first two games, they did not care about winning or losing. More importantly was it that the girls experienced to meet a Chinese team that gave the girls and their teammates friendly gifts from China.
“We got bookmarks, key rings, teddy bears, and all sorts of things. That was funny, and we always make sure to greet the Chinese players whenever we see them,” said 11 year old Kaja Gudrun Nørvig Jakobsen.

After our talk, the girls turned up their music and continued their walk towards the accommodation where they were about to have a nice evening with sleeping bags and candy – and definitely a lot of chatting.