Generation Handball cooperates with Swedish Bohus Cup

Generation Handball is happy to announce a new amazing cooperation with the Swedish Bohus Cup, which like Generation Handball is a youth handball tournament with great international perspectives.

A strong new partner
Bohus Cup and Generation Handball work for the same thing: That as many young handball players as possible will have great handball experiences with their teammates. Bohus Cup is thus a perfect match for Generation Handball.
“Bohus Cup works hard with spreading the love of handball, just like we do. They have a serious set-up and a great festival with hundreds of participating teams and an international perspective. We are very delighted that Bohus Cup is now one of Generation Handball’s tournament partners,” says Generation Handball manager Jens Steffensen.
Bohus Cup continuously works to improve their tournament, which was noticed by Generation Handball manager Jens Steffensen, and he elaborates: “It is very clear that the people behind Bohus Cup are passionate about their festival, and we’ve had a very constructive and professional communication with the tournament. These are some of many things that make Bohus Cup an interesting tournament partner for Generation Handball.”

Bohus Cup is particularly strong in Scandinavian circles. In 2019, the Bohus Cup festival takes place from 10 to 12 May, and the location is Kungälv in Sweden right outside Göteborg. All youth classes are represented from U-09 to U-19.

A Swedish experience for a Generation Handball friend
As a pleasant consequence of the cooperation, one of the teams that participate in Generation Handball also gets the chance of winning a free stay for Bohus Cup in 2019. Likewise, a team participating in Bohus Cup gets to participate in Generation Handball in 2019.

About the deal, Generation Handball manager Jens Steffensen says: “We share a common goal to spread the love of handball. With this exchange deal, more kids get great handball experiences, and that is what it’s all about.”

Is your team interested in going to Bohus Cup in Sweden in May 2019? Then let us know!

Photo: Bohus Cup flyer