Generation Handball gives 35,000 EUR to local sports clubs

Photo: Generation Handball manager Jens Steffensen, Bjerringbro FH chairman Henrik Bangshøi, Søndermarkens IK chairman Frits Brøndum, and Viborg HK chairman Terkel Tranberg.

Every year, Generation Handball gives the local sports clubs the opportunity to take part in the festival and earn money for the club. In general, the local sports clubs are based on the work of volunteers e.g. players and their family members. Their participation in Generation Handball gives these sports clubs an economic foundation for continuing the work with ensuring a good sports environment for kids and young people in their club.

A win win situation
In total in 2017, Generation Handball gives the local sports clubs 35,000 EUR for their work during the festival, and we believe that it is a great way of cooperating. Generation Handball is deeply dependent on the amazing work that hundreds of members from local sports clubs do every year for example with serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the same time, we are very happy to know that we support the local sports clubs, which makes this cooperation very rewarding for all parties: A win win situation.

Lots of local support
The three local handball clubs, Bjerringbro FH, Søndermarkens IK, and Viborg HK are part of the sporting steering group of Generation Handball, and this week, the chairmen of the clubs received the money for their hard work.

“It is important that Generation Handball has strong roots in the local community as the festival requires many helping hands to remain such a success. We are happy that the organisation invites the local sports clubs to be a big part of the work with the festival, and it definitely increases the sense of community,” says Viborg HK chairman Terkel Tranberg.

Chairmen of Søndermarkens IK Frits Brøndum and Bjerringbro FH Henrik Bangshøi agree.
“We hope that even more of the local handball clubs in the future will take part in the festival so that we can continue to strengthen the local support. The large amount of money also makes a very positive difference for our handball club, and it gives us the opportunity to for example invest in new equipment or implement social activities that make the environment in our handball club even better,” says Frits Brøndum.

Once again, we thank the local sports clubs for their great support during the festival.