Jens Steffensen at the head of MH24

Photo: Jens Steffensen (left) and Mikkel Hansen (right).

Handball player Mikkel Hansen’s association against bullying MH24 will in the future have Jens Steffensen as project manager. Jens Steffensen, who is also the manager of Generation Handball, has joined MH24 as of this week.

MH24 is actively fighting bullying, and they work to ensure well-being and a good social environment among young handball players. These values are shared with Generation Handball, and MH24 and Generation Handball already entered a constructive working relationship in 2016 for this reason. The bond between MH24 and Generation Handball will now become even stronger in connection with the employment of Jens Steffensen.

“I look forward to beginning the work with MH24. The project has a huge potential to make a difference for kids and young people playing in our country’s handball clubs. It is an exciting and rewarding challenge to now be at the head of such a good cause as MH24,” says Jens Steffensen and elaborates:
“At the same time, I see an opportunity for MH24 to strengthen its work with improving well-being and team spirit through the working relationship with Generation Handball. With the shared values as foundation, these two projects can with their different approaches to the world of handball benefit from and strengthen each other.”

MH24 board member Claus Flensborg has the following comment regarding the employment of Jens Steffensen:
“We are looking forward to having Jens Steffensen as project manager. He has a large network in the world of handball, and he has even functioned as a handball coach for many years himself. Our aim is that our message “No place for bullying” will reach as many kids, coaches, and parents as possible.”

The employment of Jens Steffensen as project manager also entails that the physical surroundings of MH24 in the future will be in Viborg where MH24 will be part an office environment already including Generation Handball and Viborg Sports Council. This evokes great enthusiasm in the Jutlandic city of handball, and sports manager of Viborg Sports Council Morten Erfurth is positive:
“MH24 situated in Viborg Municipality is without a doubt a strengthening of the sporting profile of Viborg. MH24 is working for a great cause, and after only a short amount of time, the association has already become an important player in the world of handball and in the fight against bullying. Viborg Sports Council of course supports this cause, and we look forward to working together with MH24.”