Join the International Handball Coach Camp during Generation Handball

This year, we take our collaboration with The Handball Academy to a higher level when The Handball Academy invites you to the International Handball Coach Camp, which takes place in the Generation Handball festival surroundings from Tuesday 31 July to Sunday 5 August 2018. The registration opened on Monday 9 April.

The Handball Academy presents to you a successor of the hugely popular winter edition of the coach camp that was held earlier this year in Aarhus, Denmark. Generation Handball will frame and accommodate the camp, and with The Handball Academy as the driving force behind the project, participants will be sure to experience an exciting and educational week at the International Handball Coach Camp. Participants of the coach camp are also invited to utilise all of Generation Handball’s amazing facilities in addition to the coach camp’s own programme of activities.

“We are always looking for ways to develop the Generation Handball festival and the experience for teams and their staff. The introduction of a coach camp alongside the youth festival is a great initiative. We are impressed with the quality of the work, which The Handball Academy is doing to support the development of handball coaching so it is definitely something we are happy to be connected to. This collaboration also opens the door to working together on other interesting projects in the future,” says Jens Steffensen.

Coaches who are already attending the Generation Handball festival with their teams now have the added benefit of attending selected coach camp activities in addition to the Generation Handball programme.
For coaches who are not currently planning to attend the Generation Handball festival but would like to attend the coach camp, please visit The Handball Academy’s Facebook page for more information, click here.