Magnus and Emil at today’s CL match

Photo: Magnus Møller (left) and Emil Skadhauge (right).

The two best friends Magnus Møller and Emil Skadhauge won tickets for today’s EHF CL match Aalborg Håndbold (Denmark) vs. Paris Saint-Germain (France) when they participated in our Generation Handball and MH24 competition earlier this week.
The two boys nominated each other as each other’s best friend, and we were happy to see them in Aalborg today. We had a quick talk before the exciting game.

Magnus Møller and Emil Skadhauge have been good friends for many years. They both come from Thy in the Northwestern part of Jutland, and they play handball in the same club and on the same team.

They normally support their local team Mors-Thy Håndbold, but today Magnus Møller cheered for Aalborg Håndbold while Emil Skadhauge thought best of Mikkel Hansen’s team Paris Saint-Germain. The boys were however both Mikkel Hansen supporters.
Paris Saint-Germain ended up winning the match 33-26, but as Magnus Møller said: “I just hope that Aalborg can keep up with PSG,” and luckily, Aalborg did their best to challenge PSG.

Naturally blending in
Their team is in the class of U-16 boys, and when asked if there is a good team spirit on their team their answer was very straight forward: “Yes!”
The team, for instance, makes sure to boost the mood of each other before a match.

There is a neighbouring continuation school providing new players to the U-16 teams in the club, and thus, the team got new players this year. About getting together, Emil Skadhauge explained: “It just happens,” and Magnus Møller agreed.
It seems that the social aspect of handball is just a natural part of the boys’ team, and Magnus Møller elaborated that he is sure that a good social environment outside the handball court ensures better handball results.

Possible return to Generation Handball?
Emil Skadhauge participated in Generation Handball last year, and Magnus Møller is yet to experience the Generation Handball atmosphere.
“It was a very good tournament when I participated. I cannot think of anything to change. I think it was great,” said Emil Skadhauge.

We hope to see Magnus Møller, Emil Skadhauge, and their team at Generation Handball 2018.