McDonald’s as the highlight of the evenings

Photo: The beach handball tournament will in 2018 be “McDonald’s beach handball tournament”.

In 2017, participation in the Generation Handball beach tournament boomed with more than 100 teams participating in win or lose games on the sandy courts. The festival site was gathering point for the many thousands of people who watched and played beach handball to the sound of party music, and this support have inspired Generation Handball to do even more.

The full Generation Handball experience
“In 2018, we’ve in general really focused on increasing what we like to call the “full experience” at Generation Handball. The week is much more than handball, and we invite the local businesses to join the festival. Having McDonald’s as Generation Handball’s beach partner allows us to make an even bigger party during the festive evenings by the beach courts,” says Generation Handball sales manager Mads Glargaard.

McDonald’s lends its name to the beach handball tournament, which will be called “McDonald’s beach handball tournament”. The registration for the tournament is already open, and many teams have as previous years shown great interest in participating.

Many more offers to the participants
But it doesn’t stop there. All the Generation Handball participants will also get the chance of ordering their McDonald’s take away every evening at the beach handball courts. The take away will be delivered straight to the participants.

McDonald’s also join the Generation Handball app, and the festival participants must make sure to make use of the special Generation Handball deal. McDonald’s is quite close to the Asmildkloster shuttle bus stop, so what’s not to like?!

We welcome McDonald’s as a Generation Handball partner, and we cannot wait to experience the McDonald’s beach handball tournament in 2018.