Mikkel Hansen supports Generation Handball

Mikkel Hansen supports and recommends Generation Handball!

For the second time in his career, the shooting and passing competent handball player Mikkel Hansen has been elected the world’s best male handball player. In spite of a very crowded training schedule and many matches for his club PSG and the Danish national team, the star of the national team is fully ready to engage himself in the new generations of handball players. Mikkel Hansen supports Generation Handball and wishes to lead the way in the efforts of getting more children and young people to be physically active and healthy and to treat each other better.

To Mikkel Hansen, the wish of ensuring all children and young people in leisure life’s well being is big. He has played handball his entire life but has not always being fully focused on being a good teammate. In his younger years, he struggled to accept when teammates were not as talented or ambitious as he was. Today, his many years of experience have taught him that all levels of ambition are equally acceptable:

“This is the lesson that I am trying to pass on to younger generations of handball players. You must accept that people are different and have different goals, and that is also an important aspect of being part of a team. We are all different, and we have different levels of ambition in proportion to our outlooks. Some people are part of your team because they enjoy the game and spending time with friends, while other people are there because they apart from that also aim to someday play on the national team. We all have different needs,”
says Mikkel Hansen.

Through handball, Mikkel Hansen has also become aware of the harm that bullying can do to children and young people. In the spring of 2015, he founded MH24: Mikkel Against Bullying which is an association working against bullying with the aim of increasing comfort and tolerance among children and young people in sports, cultural, and social communities. The Generation Handball festival in Viborg focuses on helping the participants improve their self-confidence and provides them with tools and inspiration to develop as handball players. MH24 and Generation Handball complement each other in their work, which is why Mikkel Hansen supports Generation Handball.

This is FUN, FIGHT, and FRIENDSHIP in a pep talk from the world’s best handball player!

In line with our slogan FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP, Mikkel Hansen underlines the importance of being a good team player. He says:

“I was brought up to the belief that you must treat others the same way that you yourself wish to be treated. (…) That there is a united team behind every goal and victory, and that the most important thing in handball is to maintain your joy of the sport and the time together.”

Hopefully, Generation Handball will give young handball players a week full of memorable experiences, lots of sports, movement, and the opportunity to make new friends.