More teams joining than ever before

Photo: Friends at Generation Handball

With approximately 1,5 months left until the final registration deadline and only 100 days until the festival begins, things are beginning to look really interesting for the Generation Handball 2019 festival. We’re taking a look at the GH19 state of play! There are more teams registered than ever before, and we have high expectations of GH19.

Team record
Currently, 195 youth teams have registered for Generation Handball 2019. In 2018, there were 185 youth teams in total, and Viborg is totally ready for even more guests in 2019:
“It’s amazing to find both first time participants and old friends on the team lists. It confirms how participants from previous years were satisfied with their experiences here, and it also shows how we reach lots of new teams each year,” says manager Jens Steffensen. Currently, Danish teams account for 47% of the teams, which means that we’re seeing a growth in teams from many different countries.

About this growth, Jens Steffensen elaborates: “Overall, we aim to increase tolerance and team spirit among children through Generation Handball, and we believe that all children should have a chance of being part of a strong community combined with sports. When more teams participate, it also means that more kids can become part of a healthy social environment, which is absolutely great.”

The senior tournament involved 23 teams last year, and it’s not only the youth tournament that sees a larger demand. Even more professional senior teams are interested in a pre-season senior training camp in 2019, and amongst others, old friends like ØIF Arendal and Rælingen HK have already decided to begin the new season at Generation Handball in Viborg.

Adding to the international atmosphere
In 2018, 20 different countries were represented at Generation Handball. In 2019, we’re adding to the list as new countries join Generation Handball for the first time this year:
The Young Akans from Ghana, La Salle HC from Malta, and CSS Bacau and CSS Slobozia from Romania are participating in 2019. Sweden is also back in the game represented by Kungälvs HK.

Why join Generation Handball?
The teams are guaranteed an amazing week with handball and lots of other activities, and they get 125 hours in a row with their teammates. We believe that handball is a great medium for kids to develop and/or improve social awareness and tolerance towards others. Everyone is different with different strengths and weaknesses. Handball itself underlines how all positions on the court matter and have different and very important qualities. Being a team sport, handball is also a great reminder of the importance to have every person on the team “on board”.

At Generation Handball, the participants meet handball players from many different age groups, clubs, and even countries, as 20 countries (or maybe more in 2019) participate in Generation Handball. This forms the basis of lots of cultural exchange and a better understanding of different backgrounds, opportunities, and perspectives.
Our three pillars, FUN FIGHT FRIENDSHIP, are the starting points of all activities and events at Generation Handball as all activities have some kind of a learning point or focus concerning team spirit or improving tolerance. The individual teams experience a stronger sense of union after six days of festival right at the beginning of a new season – perhaps with many new players, and also, six days surrounded by that many handball lovers will definitely make people more open and friendly towards others as we’re continuously throughout the week reminded that we share a common goal to create a healthy sports environment for kids and young people.

We look forward to seeing you at Generation Handball 2019.
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