New opportunities in the preliminary matches: Read the 2018 rules about playing for more teams

Be aware of this specific rule in the rules of the tournament for Generation Handball 2018:

Playing for two teams
A player is allowed to play for two teams on Tuesday and Wednesday, but these two teams cannot be in the same age group/class:
a) This player can either play with an older team
b) or the player can play with a younger team, if the player is a maximum of one year older (as an exemption player).
On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the player can only play for one team. If a player plays for a team as an exemption player, this must be reported to the tournament office.

Several inquiries about adding this specific rule
“We’ve decided to accommodate the wishes of several teams that have requested this opportunity at Generation Handball 2018. We believe that these rules give the teams more liberty to either have players try out a higher level in an older class or simply play more matches, if you can’t get enough of handball,” says Generation Handball CEO Jens Steffensen.

Generation Handball tries out these new rules in 2018 and will evaluate the effect and hopeful advantages that they will bring to the tournament, when the festival week is over. Please, refer to the information desk and the tournament office if you have any questions regarding this rule.