New opportunities with the 2018 rules

Due to a number of requests from interested teams, the tournament management of Generation Handball has chosen to make changes in the rules of the tournament for the 2018 version of Generation Handball. The changes happen as part of a trial in which Generation Handball 2018 will form the basis of decision-making about possible permanent changes of the Generation Handball rules of the tournament.

New opportunities with exemption players
Hitherto, all teams with exemption players have lost their matches 0-5 in advance, but as of 2018, this will not be the case. In the future, all teams are allowed to have 1-3 exemption players on the team list. The exemption players can be maximum one year older. However, a maximum of one exemption player can be used per match, and any remaining exemption players must sit out the match.

The number of players on the team lists
Along with the new rules regarding exemption players, new rules regarding the number of players on the team lists also follow. In the future, every team is allowed to decide for itself the number of players that they wish to add to the team list. However, the team is allowed to use only 16 players per match of which only one can be an exemption player.

See all rules of the tournament here.

We are looking forward to experiencing the new rules in action next year!