Nominated for the Tourism Growth Prize

Generation Handball has been nominated for one of the theme prizes at Central Denmark Region’s Tourism Growth Prize, which is held in January 2018. The Tourism Growth Prize is part of the region’s project “New GROWTH in tourism”, which works to increase tourism in our part of the country.

A cultural contribution
Generation Handball is nominated for the category called “Cultural tourism as a new way to growth and progress”.
Manager of Generation Handball Jens Steffensen says: “It is extremely motivating that our work with making Generation Handball an important asset to the city of Viborg is being recognised.”

In 2017, Generation Handball attracted more than 3,000 participants and their family members. Manager Jens Steffensen elaborates: “Generation Handball has become an amazing communication platform, which helps spread the word that Viborg is an interesting city to visit. Being an international handball festival, Generation Handball has a great potential to attract tourists from a large number of countries.”
The many participants in 2017 came from 15 different countries, and Generation Handball aims to reach handball players from even more countries in the future.

“Of course, it is a huge honour to be nominated to the prize,” concludes manager Jens Steffensen.

The type of candidate
The theme prize is awarded to a candidate, which through cooperation has been able to create a new coherent cultural and tourism experience.
In the election process, the Central Denmark Region evaluates the project’s degree of innovation and news value in relation to the market and target group including the project’s orientation towards international target groups. Focus is also put on the project’s turnover and the guest’s satisfaction.

We send our thanks to the Central Denmark Region for the nomination and await the event in January with excitement.