Player accommodation

You and your team can during the festival stay in classrooms, sports halls, or college rooms.
We offer different kind of accommodation packages – read more HERE. When you and your team sign up, you can choose the kind of accommodation that you want. An accommodation deposit of 500 DKK/67 EUR per team must be paid.

Generation Handball always tries to arrange accommodation in consideration of one of our main goals: That kids and young people get the chance of becoming acquainted with other cultures.

Schools and sports halls

Teams from the same club will if possible be accommodated at the same school or sports hall. Teams accommodated in sports halls will only be sharing accommodation with teams from the same club.

The accommodation packages are divided into solutions WITH or WITHOUT extra services. If you choose to include extra services, Generation Handball will put an airbed, duvet, pillow, and bedlinen at your disposal for the week.

College rooms

We have two different kinds of college room packages:
– EXTRA VIP or VIP packages which ensure you a double room with a bed or bunkbed.
– XL or L packages which ensure you a room for 5-10 persons either with or without extra services. There will not be a bed for everyone in these rooms, and the players sleep on mattresses on the floor.

Alcohol, smoking, and drugs policy

Generation Handball is an international handball tournament and competition for kids and young people in the age of 10 to 19 years. Smoking or consumption of either alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited on all sites of Generation Handball including all accommodation areas, on the festival site, or in sports halls.

Any violation of this policy is unacceptable and will cause immediate expulsion and journey home for the concerned participant.

Generation Handball requests that all coaches and managers will explain these rules to the players, so that all participants understand and accept.