Player accommodation

Generation Handball offers different kinds of accommodation: Classrooms (“small” or “medium” package), sports halls or similar big rooms (“small” or “medium” package), college rooms (“large” package), or hotel rooms (“hotel” package). Read more about each package, content, and prices on the registration page.

Principles of accommodation

– You can reserve specific accommodation sites, if you make your request early
– We aim to keep teams from the same club at the same accommodation site (if the club has not requested otherwise). However, if teams from the same club choose different accommodation packages, they will most likely be placed at different accommodation sites
– We have one school with both classrooms and college rooms (possibility of combining “medium” and “large” packages)
– We prioritise cultural exchange and matching of age groups at the individual accommodation site

Schools and sports halls

For accommodation in classrooms, sports halls, or similar big rooms, choose the “small” or “medium” packages. The difference between the packages is that we provide a mattress, duvet, pillow, and linen, if you choose the medium package. Towel is not included.

Teams accommodated in sports halls will only be sharing accommodation with teams from the same club.

College rooms

Choose the “large” package to be accommodated in college rooms with beds. There will be between two and four persons in a room depending on the size of the room. Bathrooms may be shared or private.
It is not possible to request a specific distribution of room sizes.
There’ll be an extra fee for requests of single rooms.

We provide you with beds, duvets, pillows, and linen. Bring your own towels etc also for the bathrooms. The rooms will have hand soap and toilet paper.

Hotel rooms

Accommodation in hotels is available at Peak12, Palads Hotel, or Golf Hotel. You can choose either single or double rooms. Breakfast will be served at the hotel.

No accommodation

It's possible to join Generation Handball without accommodation. Then the team only pays the team fee. Meals are not included, but all Generation Handball activities and events are still available.

Alcohol, smoking, and drugs policy

Generation Handball is an international handball festival for kids and young people in the age of 10 to 20 years. Smoking or consumption/use of alcohol or drugs are strictly prohibited on all sites of Generation Handball including all accommodation areas, the festival site, and in the arenas.
Any violation of this policy is unacceptable and will cause immediate expulsion for the concerned participant.
Generation Handball requests that all coaches and managers will explain these rules to the players, so that all participants understand and accept.