We believe that it is important to have a strong team of referees. How would you like to be part of Generation Handball? It’s going to be an amazing week with lots of great handball matches, and you will get the chance of meeting new teams from different countries and getting to know your referee colleagues also from other countries or other Danish districts.

The Danish Handball Association is responsible for referee schedules. E-mail us an application at, if you’re interested in being a referee at Generation Handball. We request that you send your personal information, info about your level, and notification whether you are interested in bringing a referee partner (and your history as a referee couple) etc.

Conditions for foreign referee couples

We offer six yearly places for foreign referee couples under the following conditions.

  • Arrival on 30 or 31 July and departure on 5 or 6 August 2023
  • Daily referee fee on 1 August – 5 August 2023 at 500 DKK per day or 2,500 DKK/333 € for all week (fee in relation to Danish referee fee)
  • Both beach, outdoor, and indoor handball depending on qualifications
  • Matches guaranteed on 1 – 4 August 2023. Possibility of finals on 4 or 5 August depending on qualifications evaluated during the tournament. Possibility of beach handball matches on 31 July 2023, if you’re available from the afternoon (+500 DKK)
  • Accommodation in double college room with your referee partner
  • Three daily healthy meals in Generation Handball food hall
  • Transportation with taxi from Billund, Aarhus, or Aalborg Airports on arrival and departure days (only one return trip, so you must arrive on the same day, value 400 €) OR refund of travel expenses up to 400 €

Conditions for Danish referees

  • Referee fee per day 500 DKK at full schedule – possibility for matches on 31 July – 5 August 2023 depending on qualifications
  • Mileage allowance at arrival and departure in accordance with car-pooling rules (air plane tickets at your own expense)
  • Accommodation in 2-4 persons rooms with other referees from 31 July to 5 August 2023
  • 15 meals from dinner on Monday to lunch on Saturday
  • Free admission and access to all Generation Handball events and activities

See you at Generation Handball – it’s going to be an amazing week!