The road to the Generation Handball finals is paved with FIGHT

Photo: U-16 boys winners from HF Mors/Skyum 1.

The 2018 version of Generation Handball is over, and we’re casting a glance at the winners looking back at an amazing week at the same time. 10 winners were found in both the A og B playoff: Teams that fought their way to the finals after a week of many exciting handball matches.

U-10 boys

The Ningbo Jinjiacao Primary School U-10 boys were able to put a magnificent trophy in their suitcase when they packed for the return trip to China. The boys were accompanied to Denmark with the U-10 girls from the same school, and in fact, they won the U-10 girls A final.

These Ningbo Jinjiacao handball players come from a public school that has handball as its main sport. The students begin to play handball at age 7-8, so even though they’re some of the festival’s youngest participants, they’re not totally new in the handball game. That paid off, and their road to the final was as follows:
14-10 against German SV Union Halle Neustadt
23-5 against Viborg HK
15-8 against Søndermarkens IK

They met the SV Union Halle Neustadt boys in the final, which they won 14-8 after an exciting game.

U-10 girls

These Ningbo Jinjiacao Primary School U-10 girls could celebrate their victory with the school’s U-10 boys team as well. They played an intense and close final against the local girls from Viborg HK. The final ended with overtime and penalty throws, and in the end, Jinjiacao were the strongest team winning the final 7-6 on a “golden goal” penalty throw.

Before the final, they played against both Danish teams and EB from the Faroe Islands:
12-2 against EB from the Faroe Islands
11-5 against Viborg HK 1, whom they also met in the final
7-3 against Søndermarkens IK
9-1 against Viborg HK 2.
They defeated Søndermarkens IK in the semifinal winning 14-3. These girls were solid as rocks.

U-12 boys

The Danish GOG boys won the U-12 boys class. The boys actually participated with two teams in the tournament and were also accompanied by the club’s U-16 boys team and U-19 girls team. This was a week of team (or club) spirit.

The GOG boys come from a strong handball club with a history of many great teams, and these boys were no exception. The U-12 boys class had three groups, and GOG won their group. Their road to the U-12 boys final was as follows:
16-6 against Slagelse HK 1
13-5 against XinZhuang Elementary School from Taiwan
27-3 against the local team Viborg HK
19-4 against EB from the Faroe Islands
15-7 against Ribe HK
12-6 against their own team GOG 2
And then they won the final against XinZhuang Elementary School with the score 16-7 improving the victory with one goal more than in the first showdown between these two teams.

U-12 girls

A true drama played out in the U-12 girls match when Viborg HK ended up winning 19-17 against the girls from J.S. Saline from the Reunion Islands. After normal playing time, the score was 15-15 which gave the girls an extra five more minutes to determine who would be Generation Handball 2018 winners. Viborg HK seemed to have the most energy left, and the local girls could celebrate after 40 intense minutes in Vibocold Arena.

The Viborg HK girls’ road to victory was as follows:
18-6 against Skive FH
16-6 against Slagelse HK
15-13 against Norwegian Ellingsrud IL
17-6 against Søndermarkens IK
In the semifinal, they met Silkeborg-Voel KFUM whom they beat 18-12. And then 19-17 against J.S. Saline in the final.

U-14 boys

The U-14 boys were the first out of two HF Mors teams to celebrate victory in an A final at Generation Handball 2018. A nice save from the HF Mors goalkeeper kept the boys in the game when their opponents Bjerringbro FH started to look like winners. The HF Mors boys certainly didn’t agree with that sight, and their efforts and the score 12-12 lead to an extra five minutes overtime. The overtime resulted in a 14-14 score forcing the players into a penalty throw competition where the HF Mors boys were strongest winning 17-16. What a game!

HF Mors’ road to victory was as follows:
20-9 against local Søndermarkens IK
5-0 against a cancellation team (no show)
17-1 against Norwegian Holmestrand IF
21-6 against French Chaville Handball
12-7 against Sydsjælland HK
22-10 in the A playoff against Russian Krasnodar
16-5 in the A playoff against local Viborg HK
and finally 17-16 against local Bjerringbro FH in the final.

U-14 girls

In white shirts, the girls from Danish Køge Håndbold were on top of the U-14 girls class. They were accompanied by the club’s U-14 boys team, and they met the Taiwanese girls from XinZhuang Junior High School in the final, which they won without any doubt or hesitation 16-12. We bet that this experience whetted the girls’ appetite for more as they’ve already registered two teams for Generation Handball 2019 (just like 69 other teams).

The Køge Håndbold U-14 girls’ road to victory was as follows:
12-9 against local Viborg HK 1
14-6 against HF Mors
10-7 against Team Esbjerg HK 2
17-2 against Norwegian Holmestrand IF 1
In the A playoff, they met Son HK and won 15-8.
14-8 against Herning FH
and 12-6 against Team Esbjerg HK 1.
The girls won their A playoff group leading the way to the final against XinZhuang Junior High School. After many very close matches during the Saturday, the Køge Håndbold girls changed that with a very solid performance against an otherwise strong opponent from Taiwan winning the A final 16-12.

U-16 girls

Yet another great performance by the local girls from Viborg HK when their U-16 girls also won an A final at Generation Handball 2018. There is no doubt that the U-16 girls class in Viborg HK is strong, and the club actually participated with three teams in the U-16 girls class. Furthermore, there were 41 U-16 girls teams at Generation Handball 2018, and a big and strong field definitely requires some skills if you want to make it to the top.

Viborg HK 1 won their group out of nine groups in total, and their road to the final was a follows:
24-10 against Norwegian Vang Håndball
25-9 against Norwegian Askøy HK
22-13 against Norwegian Son HK
21-5 against Gødvad GIF
22-4 against Slagelse HK
19-11 against Fjends HK
15-10 against their own teammates from Viborg HK 2
25-10 against Norwegian Florø SK 2
15-12 in the semifinal against Norwegian Storhamar Håndball
and finally, 20-18 against Team Esbjerg HK 1 in the final. Team Esbjerg HK led throughout the entire game except for the last minutes with Viborg HK catching up… 13-16, 14-16, 15-16… 16-16! This amazing comeback and equalizer led to overtime with five extra minutes, and that was enough for Viborg HK to close the game with the score 18-20 against Team Esbjerg HK.

U-16 boys

The second team to win a Generation Handball A final from HF Mors was the U-16 boys. HF Mors/Skyum 1 were dominating their group from the beginning, which totally cleared the way to the A playoff. In the final, they met Danish GOG Håndbold, and what a match!

HF Mors/Skyum 1’s road to victory was as follows:
22-9 against local Søndermarkens IK
36-7 against Norwegian Sverresborg
23-19 against HC Kehra from Estonia
31-7 against Norwegian Strindheim/Rapp
23-17 against their teammates from HF Mors/Skyum 2
29-14 against Norwegian IK Grane Arendal Håndball
In the semifinal, they met Ukranian KSLI Kiev and won 15-13 after an exciting game. Finally, after seven matches, they met the Danish GOG boys. HF Mors/Skyum 1 were strong leading 20-13 at the end of the game, but GOG found the last amounts of power in their arms and legs decreasing the difference, and the score at the end of the game was 21-17 to HF Mors/Skyum.

U-19 girls

The girls from Dunaferr/Kézilabda Akadémia Dunaújvárosi 2 met Norwegian Rælingen HK, and they opened the finals’ show on Friday evening with an intense and exciting match. A defence match with a close score and not exactly too many goals resulted in 12-13, 13-13, 13-14, and you could feel how the trophy almost waved between the two halfs of the court. Dunaferr (DKKA) were the strongest, closing the game at 16-15 after a releasing goal in the last seconds.

DKKA/Dunaferr were at Generation Handball with two U-19 girls teams and their senior team. The second teams’ road to victory was as follows:
45-3 against French Mené HB
17-8 against Norwegian Åkra IL
18-11 against Norwegian Rælingen HK whom they met in the final as well
20-12 against Hadsten Håndbold in the A playoff
28-11 against Norwegian Son HK in the A playoff
17-9 against Haishan Senior High School from Taiwan in the A playoff
16-9 against Aalborg EH in the A playoff
And finally, they won 16-15 against Norwegian Rælingen HK.

U-19 boys

The U-19 boys from TTH Holstebro met Bjerringbro-Silkeborg in a Danish fight in the U-19 boys A final on Friday evening. After seven matches during the festival week, the TTH Holstebro boys were able to celebrate a week of big effort. This was a 1/1 try out, as this was the team’s first ever participation in Generation Handball. Perhaps this great result will inspire the boys to try to repeat the success in 2019..?

The TTH Holstebro U-19 boys’ road to victory was as follows:
17-12 against Ingis Dreamteam
20-14 against German Schwarz-Rot Aachen
18-15 against Norwegian Florø SK
15-11 against Bjerringbro-Silkeborg 2 in the A playoff
19-8 against Haukar Handbolti 2 in the A playoff
16-16 against Taiwanese DaJia Senior High School in the A playoff
And finally, they met Bjerringbro-Silkeborg 1 and defeated them 20-14 in the final – no doubt about who would take that trophy!

71 teams are already ready for 2019
If you made it this far in the article, we just have one last thing to let you know: 71 teams already registered for the 2019 version of Generation Handball. That’s incredibly motivating to us, and even though we are barely done with the 2018 version, we can’t wait to see you at an amazing festival week from 29 July to 3 August 2019.

The registration is open on our website – read more here!