Tourist in Viborg

Experience the fascinating city of Viborg: Viborg is a city that has it all! Visit the unique cobblestone streets, buildings that are hundreds of years old and the world’s largest granite church, the brisk commercial centre, and wonderful nature. Viborg is one of Denmark’s oldest cities as it was founded in the Viking period. Thus, the city oozes of history and charm especially in the old town centre in which Viborg Cathedral is located. As a counterpart to the well-preserved historic appearance, the commercial life of Viborg is up-to-date and has a lot to offer in shape of the pulsating pedestrian streets with the many stores and a shopping centre. Viborg also leads the way with regard to cultural experiences e.g. art, music, theatre, and sports events. Last but not least, the nature both in and around Viborg is breathtaking with its unique landscape and is definitely also worth a visit – maybe even by bike!

Viborg’s attractions await you: In Viborg region, there is a wealth of attractions waiting for you to visit including Viborg Cathedral, which dominates the historic town centre. Step inside, where you will find Joakim Skovgaard’s impressive frescoes, which narrate stories from the Bible.

If you go to Tange, you will find the Energy Museum, where you can experiment with old and new forms of energy and try things out both indoor and outdoor. At the World Map at Klejtrup, you can easily cross borders, traversing rivers, and mountain chains.
Not far from Klejtrup is Hvolris Iron Age Village, where you and your family can try living as our forefathers did many thousands of years ago. The limestone mines at Mønsted and Daugbjerg allow you to go deep beneath the surface along many kilometers of mine shafts to get an idea of how hard it must have been to mine limestone from the ground. Look out for the thousands of bats, which hibernate here during winter.
If you want to try making boxes and dishes of cardboard, then visit Bruunshaab Gamle Papfabrik which is a working museum.

Photo: Viborg city (view over the lake)

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