Rules of the tournament

At Generation Handball, all matches will be played according to IHF’s rules of the game. In addition, there will be some specific extra rules.
Beach handball is played according to non-elite rules. More rules in the bottom of this page.

The round-robin matches begin on Tuesday, and the playoff takes place by the end of the week depending on how many teams attending the category.

The A-playoff is for no. 1 and 2 (and possibly no. 3) in each group, and the rest of the teams proceed to the B-playoff.

U-11, U-13, and U-15 matches are played outdoor. The U-11, U-13, and U-15 finals are played indoor. All U-17 and U-20 matches are played indoor.

The team list
Ahead of the first match, every team has to submit a list of players to the tournament office. If the team gets new players during the tournament, the team must submit a new list to the tournament office. If the list is submitted too late, the team risks losing with the result 0-5.

A team is allowed to use 16 players per match, but the team list can contain more players than 16.

A player is allowed to play for two teams on Tuesday and Wednesday, but these two teams cannot be in the same age group/class:
a) This player can either play with an older team
b) or the player can play with a younger team, if the player is a maximum of one year older (like an exemption player).
On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the player can only play for one team. If a player plays for a team as an exemption player, this must be reported to the tournament office.

It is important that all players bring a valid identification card (preferably with a photo, e.g. passport). All players must be able to present a valid identification card, if the tournament direction asks for it.

Each player must use the same number during the tournament.

Classes and match durations
U-11 2008/2009 – match duration: 2 x 15 minutes
U-13 2006/2007 – match duration: 2 x 15 minutes
U-15 2004/2005 – match duration: 2 x 15 minutes
U-17 2002/2003 – match duration: 2 x 20 minutes
U-20 1999/2000/2001 – match duration: 2 x 20 minutes

During the tournament, the time will not be stopped during the half-time. The time for 2-minute suspensions will however be stopped during the half-time. Time out will not be used.
The referee(s) will assess if it due to sportsmanlike considerations is necessary to stop the time at some point in the match e.g. in connection with serious injuries or disqualifications.

In the semifinals and finals, the time will be stopped in the half-time.

Please note that the U-11 tournament is played over the course of three days.

In case of point equality
1. Points in mutual matches
2. Goal difference in mutual matches
3. Goal difference in all matches
4. Most scored goals in the group
5. Decision by lot

In classes where the best no. 3 advances the following rules apply
1. Total amount of points
2. Goal difference
3. Most points against no. 1 in the group
4. Most scored goals against no. 1 in the group
5. Decision by lot
In groups with 5 teams, number 5 will not count at the end.

In case of a draw semifinal or final
1. Rematch: 1 x 5 minutes
2. Five penalty throws to each team (five different players)
3. One penalty throw to each team until a winner is found.

Exemption players
An exemption player is a player who is older than the specified class. The exemption player can be maximum one year older.
Every team can have a maximum of three (3) exemptions players on their team list, but the team is allowed to use only one (1) of these exemption players per match. The team is still able to advance and win the tournament using exemption players according to these rules.
The tournament office MUST be informed about exemption players before the first match of the tournament. Exemption players MUST be listed on the team list with correct specification of the year group.

Disqualification and quarantine
Disqualification not caused by three 2-minute suspensions will be reported to the tournament direction and will result in a minimum of one match’s quarantine (the following match). In serious cases, a player can be disqualified for two matches or even excluded from the tournament.

Protest forms can be found at the timekeeper table and must be handed in to the tournament direction no later than one hour after the match. Together with the submission, you have to pay a fee of 375 DKK/50 €. The fee will be returned, if the protest is approved.

Later registration of players
Each team can register extra players once during the tournament, and the deadline for this extra registration is Wednesday in the festival week at 20:00 at the tournament office. Exemption players cannot be registered after the first match.
Regardless of the number of players on the team list, only 16 players can be used per match.

The teams must be ready and dressed for match five minutes before planned the beginning of the match.
If a team does not show up, the team will lose the match 0-5.
Teams from the U-10 and U-12 class may not use resin. Resin is allowed for all other classes.
Football boots may be used on the outdoor grass courts.

The last mentioned team in the tournament plan
– Brings a ball (see ball sizes below)
– Changes T-shirts in case of same colours
– Starts with the ball

Ball sizes
– 58-60 cm: U-20 boys and U-17 boys
– 54-56 cm: U-20 girls, U-17 girls, and U-15 boys
– 52-54 cm: U-15 girls
– 50-52 cm: U-13 boys
– 46-48 cm: U-13 girls, U-15 girls, and U-11 boys

U-11 and U-13 will have one referee per match in the round-robin matches and playoff.
U-15, U-17, and U-20 will have two referees per match.
All finals will have two referees.

Beach handball
Beach handball is played according to non-elite rules. The winner will advance to the next match, and the loser is out of the tournament.
U-17 and U-20: Match duration is 15 minutes without half-time except in semifinals and finals. In case of draw, there will be golden goal until a winner is found (not shoot out) except in the semifinals and finals. In the semifinals and finals, the match duration is 2*10 minutes of duration with shoot out in case of draw.
U-11, U-13, and U-15: U-11 and U-13 play in the same tournament. Match duration is 10 minutes without half-time in all matches including semifinals and finals. In case of draw, there will be golden goal until a winner is found (not shoot out), also in semifinals and finals.
In case of same shirt color, the last mentioned team (team 2) must change shirts or wear vests.