Beach handball tournament

Beach handball is played in accordance with the international elite rules.

Tournament structure
The McDonald’s beach tournament is a group play, where the leading team (1st place) from each group advances to playoff (except for U-20 boys where there’s only one group, and no. 1 and 2 advances to the final).

Team list
NB: No team list needed in 2022 (trust based system). A maximum of 16 players can be used per team. 

Exemption players
Rules regarding exemption players for the general tournament also apply to the beach tournament (read more in the tournament rules).

Shirts can be different colors as the teams can use vests. In case of same shirt color, the last mentioned team (team 2) must change shirts or wear vests.

The courts
The beach handball courts are named court no. BigMac 1, McChicken 2, and McFeast 3.

Specific rules for certain classes (GH2022 updates)
All matches are 2 x 10 minutes. Finals will have shoot out. All other matches will have golden goal until a winner is found.