Upgrading the festival site for 2020

Photo: New facade of Tinghallen expected to be ready for Generation Handball 2020

Looking at the festival map of Generation Handball 2018, you’ll see that we’ve made some changes to the festival site. This is the result of an ambitious and very comprehensive renovation and upgrade of Tinghallen and the surrounding outdoor areas, which has previously functioned as respectively Generation Handball food hall and festival site.

Building an even bigger Generation Handball for 2020
“In 2018, we have moved the festival site closer to the parade courts so that it’s now in between all the courts of Generation Handball. We consider this a brilliant alternative due to the renovation, and it provides us with a very intense and closed festival site framed by the beach courts and buildings of the cinema and animation school,” says Generation Handball manager and CEO Jens Steffensen.

The renovation project also means that part of the old festival site is turned into a construction site during Generation Handball 2018. However, we hope that all participants bear with this keeping in mind the amazing improvement that this will mean to the Generation Handball festival site in 2020.

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A new hotel right at the festival site in 2020
The renovation project including the entire area near the arenas also involves a brand new hotel, which is expected to be ready for Generation Handball 2020. Behind this work is Generation Handball partner BachGruppen. The hotel is also great news to Generation Handball as we have experienced an increased interest in accommodation in rooms with beds.

We are excited to welcome you to our 2018 festival site – see you!