Volunteering for FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP

This year, Generation Handball is bigger than ever. With the record high number of participants, the importance of volunteers is unmatchable. 413 (throughout the week) volunteers are taking part in Generation Handball 2017. The mission shared by all is the goal of creating fantastic experiences with FUN, FIGHT, FRIENDSHIP.

Wearing turquoise shirts, the volunteers are easily spotted in the large crowds at Generation Handball. They are ready to assist at all hours of the day if participants, visitors, or parents need assistance.

Lars Henrik, Julie, and Rene are three of the volunteers working at Generation Handball this year, and all three have come a long way to help. As members of De Studerendes Idræt Odense (DSIO), Lars Henrik, Julie and Rene have all come to Viborg from Odense.

“We are from the handball club in DSIO and started helping at Generation Handball when our chairman of the board received an invitation for youth teams. As we do not have any youth teams, our chairman informed Generation Handball that we would love to help in any way possible. The first time we attended Generation Handball there were 12-15 of us here. That is pretty much the same as this year” says Julie when asked why they continue to come to Generation Handball every year.

DSIO and Generation Handball share the same values of social activities, togetherness, team spirit, and volunteering. When talking to Lars Henrik, Julie, and Rene, it becomes evident that the key values shared between DSIO and Generation Handball are the main factors in their participation in Generation Handball.

“It is really nice to be a part of Generation Handball. We strengthen our bond while here. We work between 6-8 hours every day, which leaves us plenty of time to watch handball and spend time together. It is a good experience for us,” Rene says and continues:
“One of the things we have talked about is how it is a shame that we do not have more opportunities like this. We would like to have even more of our teammates here so that we can create more social activities for DSIO. We are a socially oriented handball club.”

The social awareness is a benefit to Generation Handball as well as DSIO. As an organization, DSIO receives financial compensation for their work.
“Getting financially compensated helps us as a club to survive, but it is not the main motive for participating, as the social activities we have together are equally great for us as an organization” says Lars Henrik.

The group of volunteers from DSIO have helped at meal time, as night guards, and at the beach tournament. Tasks, which they are all content doing, and which gives them ample opportunity to experience the joy of the kids.
“It is lovely to see, that the kids are spending time on activities other than handball. They have a lot of social activities at their disposal, which is great to see. It creates memories for them and a great start to a new season” says Julie.