What arena? Meet our venue partners!

Photo: Generation Handball 2018 festival site map with arena names on it

“What’s that arena we’re playing in..?” It gives us great pleasure to introduce our 2018 venue partners: Energi Viborg, Viborg Turisttrafik, Sørensen & Lynggaard, Skiltecentret, and Ringkjøbing Landbobank. These are local Viborg businesses that will ensure that every Generation Handball arena has a great atmosphere.

An obvious choice
The venue partners stiff up their respective arenas with banners, and you’ll easily find your way to the arenas by checking out the map of the festival site.

One of the venue partners is Viborg Turisttrafik who is in charge of all bus transportation during Generation Handball. Owner of Viborg Turisttrafik Jan Dahl says: “We take the many handball teams from airports and ferry landings to Generation Handball, and we run the shuttle bus, so we’re already deeply involved in this great project. Becoming Generation Handball venue partner was an obvious choice because we’re happy to support the event.”

The Generation Handball shuttle buses run by Viborg Turisttrafik ensure that the handball players can easily go from the festival site to either Asmildkloster, Vestervang, Landbobank Arena 1 & 2, Hald Ege school, and Liseborg.

More than 20% growth – again
185 youth teams are participating in the 2018 version of Generation Handball. That’s more than 20% growth from 2017 to 2018, and actually, Generation Handball also had a 20% increase in number of teams from 2016 to 2017.

“We couldn’t get a greater compliment from the youth handball clubs. 20% growth shows without any doubt that Generation Handball is moving in the right direction, and that the clubs get great experiences here,” says Generation Handball CEO and manager Jens Steffensen.

More than 20% growth in teams means that more handball matches will be played. That required more indoor court time, which is why we included the newly renovated Ringkjøbing Landbobank Arena 1 & 2 in Hald Ege. A shuttle bus will take the players to Landbobanken Arena 1 & 2.

20 nations will be represented in 2018, which underlines how Generation Handball is an international event with cultural exchange. New nations from 2017 to 2018 are Finland, Hong Kong, Brazil, Estonia, Russia, Japan, and Algeria. Welcome!